Is Your Hair Causing You To Sneeze?

Now that spring is in the air, does that mean it’s in your hair as well?  Have you been plagued with watery eyes, tightness in your throat and a persistent sneeze that frightens even you?  If this is you then you might have allergies and irritating pollen might be taking up residence in your hair. 

Yeah, we know it’s pretty gross, but it’s the truth.  Pollen is an airborne creature and your hair is a pollen magnet.  To make matters worse, the pollen is rarely visible.  If you fall asleep with pollen in your hair, it will attach to your pillow, potentially causing nighttime allergy flare-ups.  So take care not to pollinate your house when you go indoors.

But how? We are so glad you asked.  Follow these tips to minimize the amount of pollen that’s collected in your hair. 

1. Cover Up

Yes it’s spring and you want to show off your bouncy waves and your springy curls but at what price?  We know beauty has a price but do you really want to give up your ability to breath just to look cute.  We know it’s a hard decision but you only get one set of lungs.  With that being said, invest in some pretty scarfs and channel your inner 50’s chick.  Your grandmother and mother wore head scarfs for a reason.  Not only was it a viable fashion accessory, it also protected their hair from the elements of nature: wind, sun, rain, Um Hem, pollen.  With all the new bold colors and prints, a silk head scarf would be the perfect accent to any outfit.  You only have to wear the scarf while you're outdoors, once inside take it off.  Just remember to wash your scarf often to remove the collected pollen.


2. Leave In Conditioner

If you venture outside with your hair uncovered then use a good leave in conditioner.  A good leave in will coat your hair and make it difficult for the pollen to attach to your hair.  This tip is especially useful for all hair types whether it’s in a natural or processed state.


3. Pull It Back

When wearing your hair uncovered, pull it back in a braid or bun which also minimizes the amount of pollen that may attach itself to your hair.


3. Frequent Cleansing 

We can hear the moans and groans coming from our relaxed, natural and weaved up girlies, as we type this. I, at the very least, feel your pain.   The very thought of me, taking down my twist and washing my hair is causing me to rock in my chair and not in a good way.  However, washing your hair is the only way to get rid of pollen.  No need to use a clarifying shampoo, washing your hair with conditioner (ie co-washing) will do the trick.







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