Corporate Friendly Fantasy Hair Color

Now that the hectic holiday seasons is over you are finally able to step from behind your desk and take off your Santa hat.  Wait!  Put that hat back on.  With all of your running around to make everyone else’s holiday Merry and Bright you forgot to take care of you.  Your hair could use some tender loving care. 

You made a New Year’s resolution to live a fuller and bolder life!  With that, you want to join in on the fantasy color hair trend.  There’s only one problem.   You work in a corporate setting and corporate frown against any hair color that does not fit into the following categories: compliant black, mousy brown and our favorite basic hair color of all time, drum roll please, institutionalized blonde.

Here are three fantasy colors that you can rock in a corporate setting and get the HR nod of approval.



At first glance, it looks like basic black.  However, there is nothing basic about a deep navy hair color.  This blue hue is a far cry from your great aunt Pearl’s blue rinse hair dye.  This color is bold and powerful without being overbearing.  Under corporate fluorescent lights navy colored hair closely resembles black hair.   You can twirl right pass HR and they wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  

Now when you head outside under natural light, that where all the magic takes place. When viewed in natural light deep navy blue hair is simply brilliant.  Deep navy blue hair color has so much depth and intensity it's an instant winner.   Since navy colored hair color closely resembles black it's easy to grow out if your natural hair color is black.





Chocolate Cherry is chestnut brown baby sister that went off to college and came back all grown up.  This color is great for brunettes and all of my corporatenista that have dark red hair. This color is slay-worthy, it's warm, sultry and it evokes passion even if you're only stirring up a romance with the overdue projects that are sitting on your desk.

  Under fluorescent lighting, this color leans more on the cooler subdued red side.  Natural light brings out the sultry intensity of this color. 



This color is a mental bender when it’s done right.  It's an optical illusion for your hair.  Not quite pink and not quite blonde.  Your hair is in a perfect balance between cool and warm.  

Under fluorescent lighting, this color leans more on the cooler side.  While viewed in natural light the nuances between cool blonde and warm rose gold meld together to create a soft and edgy hair color.


Know someone who wants to experiment with fantasy hair or did you update your hair color for 2017?  Comment below or share this post with your hair maven.

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