Executing your SMART Hair Goals (PART 4)

We vocalized
, we planned and now it’s time to execute.  An unexecuted plan is as good as the paper it’s written on.  You must execute in order to get what you want.  Say goodbye to wishful thinking.  Now is the time to start executing the plan, to have the hair you always wanted. 

As promised here’s the fully executable SMART #HairGoals plan.  We warn you it is pretty long. 

SMART Hair Goal #1:  Grow all the hair on my head an additional 5 inches by December 31, 2017.

Executable SMART Hair Growth Plan:

  1. Determine three sections of hair to measure throughout the year.
    • Need to be consistent in order to take accurate measurements.
  1. Measure and record the initial length of my hair in the three designated sections.
    • This measurement will serve as the baseline and this is how I will determine if my hair is growing and if my regime is working.
  1. Measure my hair every month and record the length.
    • I know my hair grows ½” each month, thus there no need to increase the frequency.
  1. Only use products that promote my hair growth.
    • I’m a product junkie, however, for operation hair growth, I will only use products that promote hair growth.  This will help me save some coins as well. 
  1. Use low manipulation styles only.
    • Based on what I know, my hair grows that fastest when it’s braided up, thus wigs and sew in will be my go to styles. Triple L Hair will bethe go to spot for my extensions.
  1. Keep my hair hydrated while wearing weaves, wigs and protective styles.
    • I know my hair will break off and or shed if it’s not well hydrated during protective styling. 
  1. Do not use any direct heat on my hair. 
    • Since I don’t know how my hair will react to prolong direct heat, I will continue to refrain from using a direct heat source on my hair.  No blow dryers, No flat irons, and No hot rollers.   I don’t want to sabotage my progress.
    1. Stay away from synthetic proteins and only use proteins from a natural source. 
      • My hair loathes synthetic proteins, it becomes dry and brittle when I use then them.
    1. If using natural proteins follow up with a deep moisturizing treatment.
      • My hair is sensitive to proteins thus I must follow up with a deep moisturizing treatment in order restore balance to my hair.
    1. Increase water intake for three months to see if it makes a difference.  
      • Hydration is the key to healthy hair growth, however, I don’t know if this will help, thus I will try if for three months.   If it doesn't work I will stop, if it does work then I will continue.
    1. Have fun.
      • I am prone to cutting off my hair if its starts to become a chore.  Thus fun is a must! 

    It’s ok if you plan is shorter or longer than our plan.  The main goal is to create a plan that’s executable.  Just like writing SMART goals, you must be honest with yourself.  

    Now that you know how to write and execute SMART hair goals we fully expect you to slay your 2017 hair goals. 


    We would love to feature you!  Comment below on how you plan to #Slay in #2017.  Share this article with your hair bestie!  




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