How to write SMART Hair Goals (PART 2)


Continuing from last week post, here’s how to create SMART hair goals.

Quick, get a piece of paper and a pen or crack open that fancy journal/ planner and jot down some things you want to happen with your hair in 2017.  Do you want to try out a new style, want to grow out your hair, looking to go natural, need to take better care of your hair?

In essence, what are your #hairgoals for 2017?   Even if you don’t have hair you can still benefit from setting healthy scalp goals.  Keep in mind your hair and or scalp makes up at least 35% of your selfies.   We don't want you looking crazy in dem streets.

I have three broad hair goals for 2017 which are as follows: Growth, Retention, and Styling. These goals are not only broad they are also vague.  Broad and vague goals are hard to achieve thus, I’m going to turn these three hair goals into 3 SMART hair goals.  Here’s how I did it in three easy steps.

Let’s take Growth for example. 

  1. Get Precise!

Instead of being vague, get precise.   Write down exactly what you want, this is the time to be clear and intentional.  You want to be very specific, this is the time to be anal.  It’s ok we’ll give you a pass this time.   

  1. Review

Review your goal to make sure it follows the SMART format.  The goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound.

Here's my growth hair goal Let’s see if it’s SMART.


Goal: Grow the all the hair on my head an additional 5 inches by December 31, 2017.


(S) - Specific:  Yes, I want to grow hair in one specific area, my head.   


(M) - Measurable:  Yes, I can measure the length of my hair with ruler or tape measure.


(A) - Attainable: Yes, I have hair on my head, it’s healthy and it’s capable of growing.


(R) - Realistic:  Yes my hair grows at the rate of ½” per month, thus it should take 10 months to accomplish this goal. I have allotted 11 months to accomplish this goal. 


(T) - Time Bound: Yes, I have 11 months to accomplish this goal.


My goal follows the SMART format so I'm all done for my growth goal.  If your goal follows the SMART format then you are all done, if not proceed to step 3.


  1. Rewrite

Keep rewriting your goal until it follows the SMART format.  It might take a couple of tries to get this right, so don’t get frustrated.  The key is to be completely honest with yourself.


See that was easy!  Now it’s time to convert all of your hair goals into SMART hair goals.  



Join the conversation! Let us know below some of your SMART hair goals for 2017.  

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