Healthy Hair Goals For 2017 (PART 1)


In our last post, we talked about bringing in the New Year with a new hair color.  To continue on the theme of slaying in the New Year, let’s talk about something important.  Goal planning!  We all start the year off with a list of ambitious goals, our daily checklist and a constant reminder of tasks that look great on paper that we never get around to doing. 

I was once guilty of doing this myself.  I even had a cute leather bound journal that contained all of my goals.  If you’re going to write down goals, you might as well write them down on some fiyah paper with a fly matching pen.  I like to call this book, “The Shit I Didn’t Accomplish, But Aint This Planner Fiyah Though”.  Since all of my goals were written down and bounded by that fine Italian leather stitching, I decided to keep the book and reuse it the following year.   I’m glad I did because I realized having a journal/planner to write down all of my goals was smart but I was missing a key ingredient, a plan of attack. 

I reflected back, on some of my goals from the previous year and I realized that I could have accomplished most of the goal if I had simply written down an execution plan. Instead, life attacked most, if not all of my goals.  This reflection session led me down the path of not only writing smart and healthy goals but also writing down, how I planned on attaining those goals.  I’ve been using this technique for over a decade and it works!  Each goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound) and each goal has an executable plan.

Goals without a plan are nothing more than a wish list.  This year let’s implement SMART goals for our hair. Yes, I said it, our hair!   We spend so much time and money on our hair; we should at least see some return on all of the money and time spent.

This year I encourage you to Plan, Execute and Review your healthy hair goals.  We know goal writing can be a daunting task so for the next two weeks, we will show you how to write, review and execute healthy hair goals.  As always, remember we’re here with you on mission “Slay 2017”. Your success is our success!



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